Shutdownertron is a group policy-compliant, decentralised shutdown mechanism, designed to save power overnight by minimising workstation left running.


Latest version: 1.3.3214.1 Download  Changelog  GnuPG Signature


The Administrator's Guide is published in HTML and PDF formats.


Support is available through the Edugeek Project forums and through the shutdownertron-users mailing list.  shutdownertron-users

Windows Vista/7

In versions up to 1.3.3214.1, only partial support for Windows Vista and Windows 7 is included. Further details

Shutdownertron v1.5 will include full Vista and 7 support. Make other feature requests

From version 1.5 upwards, Shutdownertron will require the Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.


News is published through the shutdownertron-announce list: see shutdownertron-announce for details.

Supporting Shutdownertron

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